Daria Kolosova x Etapp Kyle

Heineken Anti Stage
Saturday 12 th Aug

Emerging from the depths of the Ukrainian electronic music, dance scene’s dynamic couple Etapp Kyle and Daria Kolosova unite their distinct backgrounds and skills to create a mesmerising performance. Etapp masterfully merges his classical music background with a fervent passion for techno, honing his sound and technique at Moscow's ARMA 17 before joining Ben Klock's imprint, Klockworks. Known for his spacious and detailed approach, Etapp crafts immersive physical experiences, while emphasising the spatial qualities of sound.

Meanwhile, Daria Kolosova sees music as a powerful tool for connection, empathy, and shared narratives. As a resident at Keller, she founded the Materia event series and gained international recognition, performing worldwide. Her DJ sets artfully blend robust techno with electro, acid, IDM, and breakbeat, giving rise to unpredictable dance sessions.

Together, they form a duo bound by their commitment to their craft and passion for raw infectious music. As they weave their individual styles into a harmonious tapestry of sound, Etapp and Daria captivate audiences, transcending the ordinary and transporting them into a realm of auditory enchantment.