Dasha Rush

Heineken Anti Stage
Friday 11 th Aug

Dasha Rush is a Berlin-based producer, experimental sound artist, and DJ who creates emotion-driven sound pieces that are influenced by astrophysics, natural phenomena, and the human psyche. She is known for her experimental projects at music festivals such as Mutek and Ars Electronica, as well as playing in venues such as Berghain and Fabric. She is also a member of the curatorial board at the Spatial Sound Institute in Budapest. Rush has collaborated with dancers, painters, and video artists, and directed audiovisual performances such as Antarctic Takt, which was based on a journey to Antarctica, and Dark Hearts of Space, which was inspired by a black hole. She also premiered Territoires Éphémères in 2018, which explores the idea of art that cannot be repeated or conserved. Dasha has released music on numerous labels, including Raster-Noton, Sonic Groove, and her own label Fullpanda, and has collaborated with artists such as Stephanie Sykes, Donato Dozzy, and Stanislav Tolkachev.