Héctor Oaks

Neo Stage
Friday 11 th Aug

Héctor Oaks is one of Europe's most wanted weapons, renowned for his unique style and captivating performances. He combines contemporary techno with hand-picked tracks from rave culture's history, resulting a highly engaging experience for techno enthusiasts worldwide.

Héctor began his DJ career in Madrid's underground scene, but it was in Berlin that he truly established himself in the techno world, becoming a resident at legendary clubs Tresor and Bassiani (Tbilisi). Oaks’ eclectic DJ sets are renowned for their well-curated blend of dance music and his production work ranges from raw techno to jacking grooves. Héctor Oaks is constantly pushing the boundaries of techno and exploring genres such as breaks and ghetto whilst his passion for record shops and dedication to his craft have placed him as an essential and enduring figure in the ever-progressing techno scene.