Heineken Anti Stage
Thursday 10 th Aug

Immersed in the electronic music dance scene for over 15 years, Moses, a discerning music selector, is also the founder and curator of the Matéria Exótica and Kilómetro 4.5 labels. A regular at some of the world's finest dance floors, his captivating selections have graced stages at Club der Visionaire (Berlin), Lux Frágil (Lisbon), Indústria (Porto), Jaeger (Oslo), Oval Space (London), Printworks (London), Ääniwalli (Helsinki), Jack (Los Angeles), YuYu (MX City), Sunday Sunday (MX City), Oath (Tokyo), and Minimüzikhol (Istanbul), amongst others.

Moreover, his presence has enlivened events such as Dimensions Festival in Croatia, Flow Festival in Helsinki, Neopop Music Festival and Waking Life in Portugal as well as Odyssia Festival's inaugural edition in Greece. Moses' ceaseless pursuit of new music and sounds lends his style a colourful and deep quality, never losing sight of the essential focus: the music itself. Moses' allure lies in his dedication to crafting unforgettable sonic experiences for all who venture into his realm.