Nina Kraviz

Neo Stage
Saturday 12 th Aug

A Siberian musician of electronic tunes, Nina Kraviz reigns internationally as the most successful woman in her field. She commands the largest music festivals, owns two record labels, and sings and produces acclaimed pieces. Nina's extensive discography ranges from crossovers like "tarde" to club tracks like "hace ejercicios" and "all his decisions”, showcasing her creative and unconstrained approach in the studio. Renowned as a top curator of electronic music, she was awarded 'DJ of the Year' in 2017 by Mixmag, cementing her status in the global music community. Nina's exceptional personality, unique sound, and drive to evoke deeper feelings have earned her performances at remarkable locations like the Eiffel Tower and the Great Wall of China. Whether headlining festivals, underground clubs, or studio sessions, Nina Kraviz is an outstanding music talent that pushes boundaries and inspires the world.