Oscar Mulero

Heineken Anti Stage
Friday 11 th Aug

In mid-80s Madrid, a teenager enters a record shop and buys his first album, Standing on a Beach by The Cure. This was the first step in his journey to become one of Spain's essential DJs, playing at exclusive underground clubs in Madrid and traveling all over the country with his sound. His name is Oscar Mulero, and he is an internationally renowned electronic music producer, DJ, and founder of labels such as Warm Up Recordings and PoleGroup. He gained recognition in 1996 after his performances at the Sonar festival, where he held his own against stars such as Richie Hawtin and Garnier. Oscar's studio work features unique techno selections, and he has released albums like Grey Fades to Green and Muscle & Mind, and experimental work like Perfect Peace. In 2019, he celebrated thirty years of his career with a special lineup party in Madrid, while 2020 and 2021 brought a halt to his touring schedule. Now Oscar is back on stage, showcasing his audiovisual project Monochrome AV and releasing new music on Token Records, Semantica, and Warm Up Recordings' limited vinyl series called WUBC.