Heineken Anti Stage
Saturday 12 th Aug

Rebekah's multidisciplinary approach to music has forged her a distinguished reputation as a consummate artist. Brought up in Birmingham's 90s club scene, she resonated with the raw, relentless sound pioneered by local legends, Rebekah’s journey led her to Berlin, where her innovative performances captivate, blending live sets and DJing with breathtaking energy.

Her unapologetic approach to production has graced influential platforms such as Soma, CLR, Modularz, Perc Trax, and Mord, and through her imprint, Elements, she develops her unique take on brutalist techno while exploring the genre's spectrum. During lockdown, she mentored aspiring producers, stimulating creativity through courses and challenges, and showcased their best work through Elements.

Rebekah's commitment to music and women's rights in dance music positions her as an inspiring figurehead with a progressive mindset and unwavering work ethic. With asecond album on the horizon, Rebekah remains a transformative force in the techno scene.