Serginho b2b Ze Salvador

Neo Stage
Thursday 10 th Aug


The start to Serginho’s career in 90s Porto owes a lot to Rádio Voxx, the Urbansound club and the Discomundo record store (later renamed Vinyl Market), and these have lent him the discretion and recognition as one of the main advocates for a very stylised and spacey type of house music. Production-wise, his collaborative work with André Mecre, under their Blá Blá Blá alias, with Carlos Fauvrelle and with Rompante, gave him the opportunity to perform abroad in Spain and Germany, but also to carve his own space at mammoth festivals such as Rock in Rio. An ever-growing prestige which has seen Serginho become an essential figure in clubs and festivals across the country.

Ze Salvador

The almost 30 years of his career would’ve demanded a long and contextualised review of a life’s work, but we’ll have to be as versatile and innovative as he was in all these years. A DJ since 1994, a former curator of the Valentim de Carvalho record shop and with a past at the sorely missed Kaos Records alongside his friend Tozé Diogo, Salvador has been part of various decisive moments of Portugal’s dance music history. During the 1990s he opens Urbansound, a club in Porto, an adventure he then repeats in 2007 in Lisbon with micro-club Brownie, diversifying and prolonging the reach of the capital’s nightlife. He then becomes an important member of label and party promoter Bloop Recordings, a time during which he also curated the Espera-m’Entrando bar in Zambujeira do Mar. Adding to this list of already notable feats, he currently holds a residency and programming duties at 5A Club in Príncipe Real, and has played an important role in the genesis of the Carpet & Snares record shop. Zé Salvador was, is and will continue to be a central figure in Portuguese dance music - ethereal and perpetual.