Tiago Carvalho b2b Vasco Valente

Neo Stage
Friday 11 th Aug

Tiago Carvalho

Hailing from Porto in northern Portugal, Tiago has been weaving his musical taspestry on the decks for over 13 years. From humble beginnings in small bars and clubs as a teenager, he has matured into a solid presence in the Portuguese underground scene. As a member of the RDZ collective, an eight-year resident of the esteemed Industria Club, and a participant in Elétrico Festival, Tiago's influence has grown over the past few years. Together with Tiago Marques, he has embarked on the captivating Space Riders project and with a penchant for techno, house, and electro, Tiago's performances are bound to deliver bold and sharp sessions as well as showcasing some outstanding musical gems.

Vasco Valente

Vasco Valente was born amidst schist walls, meticulously crafted by anonymous sculptors of the Douro region, a World Heritage site. He embarked on his musical journey in 2005, holding residencies at Douro In (Régua) and Puro Malte (Lamego) before deciding to organise his own events in 2008. Grape Crushing Beats, Mera Coincidência, Beatnick, and Varosa Lounge were some of the projects that propelled him into national spotlight, leading him to join RDZ in 2010. The relationship lasted for a decade and led to a 7-year residency at Industria Club, as well as the creation of Festival Elétrico.

The recent pandemic stirred his ideas and released constraints and Vasco returned to his roots in the Douro, focusing on personal projects that explore the connection between electronic music and other art forms, and in 2022, he joined the Common Ground agency. In his sets, Vasco offers a captivating blend of house, deep, techno, and disco, weaving an intricate tapestry of persistently alluring sonic flavours.