Tiago Fragateiro

Heineken Anti Stage
Friday 11 th Aug

Tiago Fragateiro’s journey began approximately 20 years ago as a programmer of some of the most prestigious clubs in Porto, always seeking to provide space for the most innovative and interesting national and international DJs. Although he embarked on his adventure as a DJ around 1998, it was only about 15 years ago that he fully embraced his passion.

His personal friendship with Alain Ho (DJ Yellow) proved to be of utmost importance in the subsequent steps of his career. Firstly, their joint performance as Mindz Kontrol Ultra allowed him to find his path and define a unique musical aesthetic more quickly. Later, by creating the Composite Records label together, which became the foundation of his work, Tiago gained knowledge and experience through close collaboration with names such as King Britt, Dubfire, Till Von Sein, and Djul'z, amongst others.

The EPs released under his own name on Composite acted as a showcase, attracting the attention of renowned labels like Ovum Recordings, Freerange Records, Plastic City, and Compost Records.