AlFaer b2b Mingote
Thursday | 08 Aug
Among the slivers of light that linger in the darker spheres of national electronic music, there are artists that have unconditionally become established within its EBM, dark wave and breakbeat meanders.

Such is the case with AlFaer, an anagram born with the purpose of synchronising distinct minds in a unique moment, a devoted advocate for the aesthetic of obscurantism. Having consistently made his mark through a residency at highly respected streaming platform Alínea A and through his active presence at Gare Porto, AlFaer embraces and promotes a broad spectrum of sound within his work.

His b2b partner Mingote has been developing a fine-tuned sensibility to the world around him and has become addicted to discovering new musical synergies. As a co-founder Ovelha Trax, it is through his exploration across multiple genres that he finds authenticity in his craft. Heading North with a Northern soul, here we go.
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08 — 10 AUG
Viana do Castelo, Portugal
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