Chris Liebing b2b Luke Slater
Friday | 09 Aug
When Chris Liebing and Luke Slater join forces for a b2b set, it's pretty much guaranteed the audience will witness a clash of titans.

Liebing has gained wisdom through his exploration of musical atmospheres, blending the classic sound of the 90s with the minimalism of the 2000s. After "Burn Slow" and "Another Day," Chris Liebing continues to set the direction and shows no signs of slowing down.

Through his album "Sky Scraping" and in his live performances, Luke Slater demonstrates the relentless manner in which he captivates the crowd. By capturing the essence of techno with an approach that has resonated since the 80s, Slater remains an influential icon both on the decks and in the studio.

Together, Liebing and Slater are an unrelenting force that will push (and perhaps obliterate) all the limits that we know.
Chris Liebing
Luke Slater
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