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#neopopfestival #np24
Amelie Lens, Dax J, DJ Lynce b2b Violet, Héctor Oaks, Indira Paganotto, Jeff Mills, Josh Wink, KETTAMA, Luisa, MOCHAKK, Nico Moreno, Octave One live, Richie Hawtin, Roundhouse Kick live, Rui Vargas, Salbany live, Sama' Abdulhadi, Serginho b2b Ze Salvador, X CLUB. and many more...
The Neopop Festival is back to Viana do Castelo, from August 8th to 10th, for its 17th edition.
For three days, from techno to house, spanning their various subgenres, the Santiago da Barra Fort will be filled with thousands of dance music enthusiasts, bringing together established artists and undiscovered names in a unique and immersive experience of music and visual art.
#neopopfestival #np24
The first confirmations are already in, and there are many exciting debuts this year, such as Indira Paganotto who brings us an explosive mix of psy-trance and techno; MOCHAKK and his fusion of styles, together with a contagious energy and enthusiasm; or Nico Moreno, a leading figure in the industrial techno rave scene.

Joining them is Sama' Abdulhadi, the Palestinian activist who reimagines Berlin techno through a Lebanese lens; KETTAMA and his pulsating groove, broken beats, and captivating basslines; X CLUB. with their authentic and eclectic approach to dance music, inspired by early 90s techno and futuristic drum'n'bass; and the national b2b set of DJ Lynce and Violet, taking a journey through genres with unpredictable consequences on the dance floor.

Back are some of the artists who have accompanied us so well throughout the past editions, and who are among the most applauded by the audience, such as Amelie Lens, whose sets wander between classic and avant-garde techno, with heavy basslines and sharp beats infused with endless energy; Dax J, one of the leading institutions of global techno, remaining true to the underground with a unique and impeccable technique; and Héctor Oaks with his combination of contemporary techno and a meticulous knowledge of rave culture history.

Also joining us is Jeff Mills, 'The Wizard', one of the pioneers and pillars of Detroit techno, whose music embodies the future while respecting the past and remaining in the present, with a deeply visionary outlook; Josh Wink and his chameleon-like versatility, which traverses cycles of musical trends between techno and house, staying at the forefront of a movement he helped create; Richie Hawtin, a modern-day artist who is constantly at the forefront of technological innovation, expanding conceptual boundaries and pushing forward ideas and experiences; and Octave One live, the Detroit duo that turns synthesizers and sequencers into vessels of funk, house, and symphonic beats, with electrifying performances.

Finally, a strong national contingent presents itself, with the live acts of Roundhouse Kick, bringing us their mutations of house and techno, blending rhythmic jack and acid house matrices with industrial textures; and Salbany, with a techno deeply influenced by Detroit and the 90s, immersive and dynamic.

Rui Vargas, an absolute reference when it comes to crafting dance narratives flavored with the broadest range of electronic music; the duo Serginho and Ze Salvador, in a b2b format, with their timeless and eclectic sonic identity; and Luisa, who brings us house infused with breakbeat and techno, complete the lineup. The visuals for both stages - Neo Stage and Heineken Anti Stage - will be handled by the DubLab collective.
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