Rui Vargas
Friday | 09 Aug
Rui Vargas is anything but fragile. In fact, throughout his career, Frágil was only the name of the club where his mission really began. From the radio to the decks, the Lisbon DJ and programmer represents what is most profound in a music enthusiast, unifying the best music available in the Portuguese electronic music scene with a unique global awareness.

Apart from being one of the greatest music connoisseurs we’re aware of, he carries a deep knowledge of all the milestones encompassing the country’s urban soundscapes since the 1980s until today.

Looks easy, right? Well, it isn’t. Vargas has toured some of Europe’s biggest clubs, and his grandeur leads the DJ booth, regardless of how many hours he’ll be playing, as he dedicates himself fully to the diverse crowds the night often brings him, making him one of Portugal’s best guardians of the dance floor. There are few like him.
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