Salbany LIVE
Friday | 09 Aug
Salbany is the alter-ego of Guilherme Alves, but it might as well be and imaginary place where two hands and one mind control modular machinery to create a music live act like few others in Portugal.

The sonic freshness of Salbany, which has already been heard on platforms like HÖR for example, is the result of a career sustained in both technical and creative growth within electronic music.

Despite having released his first EP on the verge of a global pandemic, this did not deter him, leading Guilherme to present “Lifeforms” at several clubs and festivals. Following a solo vinyl release, he focused on bringing the audience a bold live experience, where he skilfully evokes the sounds that made Detroit Techno a powerhouse in the nineties.
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08 — 10 AUG
Viana do Castelo, Portugal
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