Friday | 09 Aug
Despite the thoughtfulness and precision we’re accustomed to during X-CLUB.’s DJ sets, we know just how relentless and explosive the hard and fast tracks that Ben Clarke and Jesse Morath typically deliver can be. Amidst this intensity, energy, and apparent chaos, X-CLUB. ensures what we so often seek on the dance floor: liberation.

With several releases on Steel City Dance Discs, Lobster Theremin, and Stay On Sight, and alongside producers like Mall Grab, X-CLUB. have been delivering their fast beats intermixed with futuristic drum & bass to the international scene.

We may expect anything from this duo, with the guarantee of an incendiary freshness that might manifest through darker trance tracks, techno, and powerful bass.
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08 — 10 AUG
Viana do Castelo, Portugal
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